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The Varsity Power Rack Combo

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Designed to fit the budget of most any strength enthusiast but strong enough to withstand enthusiastic use, the Varsity Power Rack is the most economical rack in our esteemed lineup. This cage is constructed of 2-inch square tubing instead of the usual 3-inch. Each half of the cage is fully welded with only the crossmembers to bolt in, a standard Legend feature that isn't too common in the marketplace but emphasizes rigidity, ease of setup, and minimal maintenance. This "starter cage" features everything needed to get essential workouts completed, including 2-inch hole spacing and solid safety rods secured with heavy duty cotter pins.

Varsity Power Rack Combo. includes

  • 45lb CAP Barbell Black Bumper Plates x 4
  • 35lb CAP Barbell Black Bumper Plates x 2
  • 25lb CAP Barbell Black Bumper Plates x 2
  • 10lb CAP Barbell Black Bumper Plates x 2
  • CAP Barbell Commercial Horizontal Bumper Rack x 1
  • CAP Barbell 1500lb Solid Black Power Bar x 1
  • Legend Fitness Varsity Power Rack x 1